Just wanna send a quick note that Volume 2 is at the printer's right now! I ordered a proof copy. With the economy as it is, I just hope to use it as a portfolio thing. I don't expect my fans to shell out money and I don't want to take money that can be used for food or rent. I just wanted to holla out there :)
MoriEiji Happy Dance

Wish³ giveaway!

That's right folks! For this holiday season, Ellen Million Graphics is offering up free copies of Wish³'s first prints with purchases of $50 or more! Get your holiday shopping out of the way! More details to come :X

Also noteworthy, she's included an article by me in her new publication "The Art of the Business of Fantasy Art"!!! It's full of great articles about art, writing, and the business side of producing your own work. Definitely check it out if you want to try your hand at making money with your art.
Capt. Stuart XD


I will be offering as a celebration of Wish3 being done and having a bit more time, $15 commissions! What does that give those who're interested? A high res digital copy of a character sketch done waist up, that I'll be drawing in pencil and Copic! $20 if you want the original sent to your door! That's a downright BARGAIN from my usual commission prices.

Why so cheap!? Cuz I'm building a Himitsu doll >.> And I need to get her head that I found that's perfect ;;_;; So until I hit that magic number, I'll be doing these commissions. I hope to do 6 a month, so be ready for a queue :) Just email me at sylverdotwish3dotnet to get on the queue!

I'm also throwing this open on my DA,, ponju, and Wish3 soooo :O I hope to get a good list soon ^^;

******** $15 commission queue for October! ********

1. Rekka - finished, sending soon
2. Rillystar
3. Loreli
4. Loreli
5. Ellen
6.  Pauline